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Laura Massetti, researcher

“My projects aim to recover aspects of the primitive society which are reflected through the language but actually go beyond the level of pure language, such as complex conceptual patterns, poetic features, structural elements of a given primitive story. In other words, I seek to uncover allegoric and complex entities enclosed in a given classical text, as if it were a sort of literary amulet, so that we can learn how Greeks and their ancestors spoke about love, desire, and other complex emotions through poetry.” (Laura Massetti, @Kleos.chs)

Hermes — God of Fire
Reconstructing the Indo-European Background of an Olympian God
Family Myths
Phraseology and Inherited Indo-European Thematic Structures in Greek Myth


The Lords of the Rings:
A Comparative
Lens on Ring-Compositions
of Greek Lyric Poetry


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